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Madalyn Murray O’Hair on being an atheist

“An atheist is someone who has to be harassed by the existing establishment power structure because we are a threat to those things that they hold dear. The principle threat that an atheist is, an atheist is a person who questions every kind of authority, and this is the thing that is important, because if we can, without blinkin’ an eye, question the ultimate authority, God, who must be obeyed, then we can question the authority of the state, we can question the authority of a university structure, we can question the authority of our employer, we can question anything.

So I think the primarily one an atheist is, is a person who looks at an authoritarian idea or an authority structure and says to that authority structure: from whence do you derive your authority and why should I be obedient to you? It appears to me that if I have human intelligence that this is enough for me to try to challenge whatever you’re doing.”


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