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NBC – Frank Zappa Interview Near Death

(Color Quality Edited, VHS Tape Artifacts Corrected)

One of the last Interviews Frank gave before his death. This has been edited to my best ability for colors and such, an attempt to recover nearly 18 years ago from VHS tape.

I discovered Frank’s the career, music, film and other forms of entertainment via a friend in high school about 1971-72. I began collecting the albums, hiding the words from censorship from my mother, and in 1973 or so, went to the theater to see 200 Motels. Wow.

My first concert was 11-15-1974 in Buffalo NY to see Frank, my last was 03-21-1988 in Syracuse NY. 22 times in total for me. I can not watch this, or listen to Watermelon in Easter Hay without forming tears. You are missed Frank. “The silence of his voice is deafening!”


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