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What Anarchy Isn’t – Full Movie

Thinglish Lifestyle (08.05.2019)

If you pay attention to the mainstream media, Hollywood movies, or the usual political pundits, then hearing the word “anarchist” probably makes you think of a gang of mask-wearing, bomb-throwing punks – angry, violent vandals doing whatever they can do to destroy civilized society. And these days, those who wield political power are going to great lengths – making up stories, instigating conflicts, etc. – to demonize and mischaracterize what “anarchism” really means. The purpose of this little video is to counter the spin and misconceptions.

Regardless of your age, education level, income level, or views on culture or religion, don’t be surprised if, after learning what “anarchy” actually means, you end up thinking, “Wait, that’s exactly what I want!”


What Anarchy Isn’t (Written by Larken Rose, Illustrated by Poxodd)


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