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The FULL Judith Curry Interview: Climate Scientist Says World Won’t End

John Stossel (03.10.2023)

Climate scientist Judith Curry bravely says climate change isn’t a “crisis.” She explains how the scientific community became corrupted by “fame and fortune.”

Many politicians, and most climate scientists in the media, portray climate change as a crisis. “People are dying!” shouts Alexandra Ocasio-Cortez. Bill Nye “the Science Guy” says “The planet’s on ****ing fire! … This is an actual crisis!”

But Judith Curry tells me: There is NO “crisis.” Global warming is a problem, yes, but it’s manageable. She explains how IPCC scientists recently admitted that their most extreme models won’t become reality, and she notes that climate-related deaths are actually falling.

For more, you can watch my full nearly-hour-long interview with Curry, above.


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