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Ten Major Irrational And Rational Beliefs

Ten Major Irrational Beliefs

  1. I must have the love or approval from all people I find important.
  2. I must be thoroughly competent, adequate and achieving.
  3. People who act unfairly are bad, wicked or rotten individuals.
  4. Things are awful, terrible and catastrophic when I get seriously frustrated, treated unfairly or rejected.
  5. Emotional misery comes from external pressures and I have little ability to control or change my feelings.
  6. If something seems fearsome, I must think about it all the time and make myself cautious about it.
  7. It is easier to avoid or run away from many life difficulties and responsibilities rather than to be self-disciplined.
  8. My past remains all important and it has to keep determining my feelings and behaviours today.
  9. All things are horrible and awful if I don’t find good solutions to life’s
    challenging realities.
  10. I can achieve maximum happiness by inertia and inaction or by passively and uncommittedly “enjoying myself”.
Ten Major Rational Beliefs

  1. I don’t necessarily need love and approval to survive. It is most desirable to concentrate on self-acceptances and on loving instead of on being loved.
  2. It is more advisable to accept myself as an important human being with limitations and fallibilities. It is often better to do that than to do well.
  3. People often behave stupidly and unfairly, it would be better if they were helped to change their ways, rather than punishing or condemning them severely.
  4. While it is undesirable to fail to get what I want, it is seldom awful and intolerable.
  5. Because I contribute to my own emotional upsets, I can change them by thinking more rationally.
  6. Worrying will not make things disappear, I will do my best to deal with potentially stressful events and when this proves impossible, I will accept the inevitable.
  7. In the long run, the long and undisciplined way is less rewarding than is the longer range approach to pleasure and enjoyment.
  8. Continual rethinking of my old assumptions and reworking of my past can reduce the negative influences from my childhood and adolescence.
  9. Whether I like it or not, reality exists and I should learn to accept its existence before I start changing it.
  10. Getting involved in long term interesting tasks and activities will force me to act against my own inertia.

Source: Albert Ellis


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