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Dominic Frisby: It’s All True – A Song About Conspiracy Theories

Dominic Frisby Comedy Videos (06.12.2023)



Elvis is alive
So is Lady Di
George Bush Snr murdered JFK
Biden’s a paedophile
King Charles is a reptile,
As for the moon landings they are fake
Chem trails in the sky
Michelle Obama is a guy
Greta Thunberg travels time and space
It’s all true. It’s all true.
I wouldn’t lie to you. It’s all true.

Trudeau’s Castro’s boy
The Clintons are both droids
The CIA made AIDS to please the Mob.
Jay Z’s a satanist
Finland does not exist
9-11 was an inside job.
By alien consent
We will have one-world government
Lizards run the world via Klaus Schwab.
It’s all planned. It’s all planned.
I heard it all first hand. It’s all planned.

Covid was leaked
Your phone tracks your speech
They’re using the climate to steal your wealth
There are Russian spies
WMDs were a lie
Jeffrey Epstein did not kill himself

Lots of it is true
Oh, what do you do?
Who do you believe of whom beware
Leaders often lie
We want a reason why
Is it cock-up? Was it planned somewhere?
We long for certainty
Even conspiracy
Chaos is a thought too much to bear.
My good man, understand.
Some of it is random. Some is planned


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